tonic photo studios work in context

tonic photo studios work in context

I thought it might be of interest to publish links that present some of our work in context as it can be an entirely different experience seeing imagery in the context it was intended for.  It’s also rather interesting to see the broad range of clientele we accommodate at the studio.

TASER (product and studio model shots)

NYPD Pizza (food and lifestyle shots)

Fox Restaurant Concepts (most food and architecture imagery)

Arrowhead Grill (all content)

OmniMount (many studio product shots)

Arizona Tile (various product and architectural images)

i/o Data (data center imagery)

Kyocera Solar (product and location work)

Genz Benz (product shots)

Cafe Valley Bakery (most product shots)

Titus Cycles (product shots)

ACO Polymer Products, Inc (many product shots)

These are just a few I can think of  off the top of my head. I’ll post more later…

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