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Month: May 2011

Architecture shoots? tonic photo studios does that.

Architecture shoots? tonic photo studios does that.

tonic photo studios focuses on four main areas: food, product, architectural and conceptual photography. We’ve touched on food and product photography recently, but we haven’t highlighted our architectural work very much. It’s time to change that.

The architectural photography which Patrick Darby and the tonic studios team have done is both subtle and grandiose. We have a long history in architectural imaging, photographing everything from offices and skyscrapers to luxury homes. Primarily, we’ve worked with architects, home builders and interior designers who appreciate our ability to best represent the spaces they have designed. Depending on a client’s needs, we are able to adjust our approach from a natural and open feel to dramatic scenes which require significant lighting and styling work. We’ve recently had a chance to work with a few clients who called on us to photograph a local high-rise project, as well as office space within the building.

The first project we’d like to showcase is Hunt Construction Group, a nationwide builder based here in the Phoenix area. Hunt Construction Group is the builder responsible for CityScape, a multi-phase development in the heart of downtown Phoenix which includes 27 floors class “A” office space and street-level retail. tonic studios was asked to photograph the building when it was completed in late 2010, and we were excited to be involved in a project which was responsible for redefining the future of downtown Phoenix.

The CityScape tower at duskThe CityScape tower in the daytime

The second project we would like to highlight is Alliance Architecture, a global architecture firm. They were the architects responsible for creating the Phoenix offices of Squire Sanders, an international law firm with offices in 16 countries. Squire Sanders’ Phoenix location is on the 27th floor of the CityScape building, so we were happy to work with another client involved in the CityScape project. The challenges of meeting the expectations of Alliance Architecture and Squire Sanders were quite different from the work we did for Hunt Construction Group. For this particular shoot, we needed to highlight not only the design of the office space, but we also needed to showcase the location high in the CityScape building.

A view into Squire Sanders' lobby from the terraceThe lobby of Squire SandersA view into the Squire Sanders conference roomA view along the length of the conference table in Squire Sanders' conference room

Working with Hunt Construction Group, Alliance Architecture and Squire Sanders provided diverse experiences for the tonic photo team and we were very pleased to be a part of the projects. But, our work with these three clients was just the latest in a long series of architecture projects which we’ve done. To see more of the work Patrick and the tonic photo staff have been involved with, take a look at the architecture portfolio on the tonic photo studios website.

We’re also pleased that Patrick is one of only eight photographers featured on, a site dedicating to highlighting the best of Arizona’s architectural photographers. Click here to see a selection of his finest work featuring both office and living spaces.

tonic photo studios: “You don’t have to take our photography word for it”

tonic photo studios: “You don’t have to take our photography word for it”

We’ve been talking about many of the great projects we’ve worked on and the amazing clients we’ve worked for. We love to showcase our work, but we want to let the words of others do the talking today. You don’t have to just take our word for it. Read what other people have had to say about their experience with Patrick and the tonic photo studios team.

For client and photographer to get on the same page quickly is essential to both minimize cost and maximize studio utilization. This has been our experience. In the 10 years I have run this company our experience with tonic photo studios has been the best of the 5 studios we have used.

Derek Humphries
ACO Polymer Products

Working with Patrick Darby and the tonic staff of tonic photo studios was pure joy.  Highly energetic, intensely creative and environmentally relaxed, we consider our three day photo shoot with tonic a great success.

Patrick’s incredible focus and attention to detail resulted in a wide selection of beautiful photographs that Massage Envy will be proud to use in many of our marketing campaigns. We truly appreciated the passion and talent of  Patrick and his team.

CG Funk
Vice President, Industry Relations & Product Development
Massage Envy Franchising

If you are looking for a photography team and studio that can get it done and get it done right, then you need to talk to Patrick Darby at tonic photo studios. We have been working with Patrick and his team for the past few years and are continually impressed with the dedication they bring to each shoot, professional approach, post-production work and general follow-through. They are not only committed to getting the work done, they are committed to getting it done right.

Jason Ferrara
Vice President of Marketing
i/o Data Centers

tonic photo studios staying local, staying loyal

tonic photo studios staying local, staying loyal

Patrick is back in our Phoenix studio for a while, in between the East Coast and West Coast legs of his Luxottica road trip. While he’s in town, we wanted to change gears and spend a little time on one of tonic’s specialties: cuisine photography. In particular, we want to focus on work we have done for AJ’s Fine Foods, a longtime local client here in the Phoenix area.

Valley residents are no doubt familiar with the upscale markets which are a part of the Basha’s family of stores. They have been a fixture in Phoenix, bringing a gourmet shopping experience to food and drink lovers for over 25 years. What most people don’t realize is that tonic photo dtudios has been the primary supplier of commercial food photography for AJ’s since the early 90’s.

We’re proud not only to work with a great local client, but to have such a longstanding relationship. The team at AJ’s relies on our large repertoire of capabilities to create eye-catching images for their marketing materials, both in-store and online. They know that Patrick and the tonic photo team are able to meet any challenge, from capturing stunning pour shots to staging large, styled sets.

One part of the AJ’s relationship we’re particularly proud of is our work for their annual Summer Wines promotion. Each year, AJ’s features select wines as their flavors of the summer and to translate those flavors into imagery, they turn to Patrick’s skills. It has been a fun challenge as summer rolls around each year, and the tonic staff has relished the challenge every time.

To see more images than the few highlighted here on the blog, head over to Tonic’s cuisine portfolio. Or, you can visit AJ’s website, where nearly all of the photography was generated by tonic photo studios.

tonic photo studios road trip rolls on

tonic photo studios road trip rolls on

As you read in our previous post, Patrick has been on the road shooting images for optical stores ILORI and Optical Shop of Aspen. He recently wrapped up the East Coast leg of his travels by visiting Optical Shop of Aspen’s East Hampton store. He’s had a fantastic trip which was complimented by great weather in New York. He nabbed some great shots of the city’s architecture, as well as completing photo shoots at the stores he visited.

The staff at Luxottica (the parent company of ILORI and Optical Shop of Aspen) has been a pleasure to work with, but the fun isn’t over yet. Patrick will be heading to the West Coast to visit more stores, so look for more photos of his adventures!

Take a look at sneak peeks of ILORI’s Soho store and Optical Shop of Aspen’s East Hampton location, and head over to our Facebook page to view more location photos, as well as those great architectural shots we mentioned.

tonic photo studios takes to the photography road

tonic photo studios takes to the photography road

Patrick is hitting the road this month! No, he’s not hitching a ride to find adventure on the highways or backpacking across Europe on $2 a day. Instead, this trip is much more luxurious. Throughout May, Patrick will be shooting images for high-end optical retailers ILORI and Optical Shop of Aspen, which are part of Luxottica Group’s global retail presence. The entire Tonic staff is thrilled to be a part of this project and working with Luxottica has been a pleasure for everyone.

Patrick has already traveled to ILORI’s store in Soho and during the remainder of the month, he will be visiting stores in East Hampton, Las Vegas, Rodeo Drive and Newport Beach to capture images which highlight each store’s exterior architecture and interior design. It’s an excellent opportunity for Tonic to demonstrate its chops in creating beautiful photos of beautiful locations.

Statue of Atlas supporting the heavens at Rockefeller Center
An icon of New York City

The Soho photo shoot just wrapped up and Patrick is working on editing the images now. We’ll be bringing you highlights from each leg of the road trip, but just to whet your appetite we’ve included one quintessentially New York image Patrick grabbed while he was in the city. Granted, it’s not a part of the ILORI store shoot, but Patrick’s an architecture photographer. Did you really think he wasn’t going to get a few images of New York’s grandeur while he was there?

Keep watching the blog for stories of Patrick’s travels!

Diversity and versatility for ACO Polymer Products

Diversity and versatility for ACO Polymer Products

ACO Polymer Products makes drains and they called on Tonic to shoot a wide range of images for them. Before you think “That was probably difficult, because it’s hard to make drains exciting,” take a look at the diversity of ACO’s products, especially the design and style of their QuARTz line. They produce some truly beautiful lifestyle products as well as being the leaders in commercial and modular trench drains.

ACO is a top-notch company and we at Tonic were humbled to be chosen by them to photograph a wide range of images. Their needs fully exercised our range of expertise in product, architecture and lifestyle photography. The team at ACO needed not only in-studio product photography, but many location photos as well. Thanks to our bandwidth and versatility, we were able to get the images quickly and with our signature creative touch.

For this assignment, we traveled to ACO’s facility in Casa Grande, AZ (not exactly close to our Phoenix studio) to capture images of the building, and to downtown Phoenix (much closer) to showcase their trench drains in place along the METRO light rail line. This is where Patrick dug deep to find a creative way to shoot the drains next to a light rail train in motion, all without getting arrested or run over. How did he do it? Well, he refuses to give up his secret, but it may have involved some Spider-Man-style acrobatics.

Talking about the work we did with ACO can only communicate so much. Have a look at some of the images we created for ACO, and follow the links below to see our images in use on ACO’s site. We hope they convey how proud we are to be a creative solution provider for ACO Polymer Products.

ACO’s About Us page


QuARTz product gallery