Diversity and versatility for ACO Polymer Products

Diversity and versatility for ACO Polymer Products

ACO Polymer Products makes drains and they called on Tonic to shoot a wide range of images for them. Before you think “That was probably difficult, because it’s hard to make drains exciting,” take a look at the diversity of ACO’s products, especially the design and style of their QuARTz line. They produce some truly beautiful lifestyle products as well as being the leaders in commercial and modular trench drains.

ACO is a top-notch company and we at Tonic were humbled to be chosen by them to photograph a wide range of images. Their needs fully exercised our range of expertise in product, architecture and lifestyle photography. The team at ACO needed not only in-studio product photography, but many location photos as well. Thanks to our bandwidth and versatility, we were able to get the images quickly and with our signature creative touch.

For this assignment, we traveled to ACO’s facility in Casa Grande, AZ (not exactly close to our Phoenix studio) to capture images of the building, and to downtown Phoenix (much closer) to showcase their trench drains in place along the METRO light rail line. This is where Patrick dug deep to find a creative way to shoot the drains next to a light rail train in motion, all without getting arrested or run over. How did he do it? Well, he refuses to give up his secret, but it may have involved some Spider-Man-style acrobatics.

Talking about the work we did with ACO can only communicate so much. Have a look at some of the images we created for ACO, and follow the links below to see our images in use on ACO’s site. We hope they convey how proud we are to be a creative solution provider for ACO Polymer Products.

ACO’s About Us page


QuARTz product gallery

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