tonic photo studios takes to the photography road

tonic photo studios takes to the photography road

Patrick is hitting the road this month! No, he’s not hitching a ride to find adventure on the highways or backpacking across Europe on $2 a day. Instead, this trip is much more luxurious. Throughout May, Patrick will be shooting images for high-end optical retailers ILORI and Optical Shop of Aspen, which are part of Luxottica Group’s global retail presence. The entire Tonic staff is thrilled to be a part of this project and working with Luxottica has been a pleasure for everyone.

Patrick has already traveled to ILORI’s store in Soho and during the remainder of the month, he will be visiting stores in East Hampton, Las Vegas, Rodeo Drive and Newport Beach to capture images which highlight each store’s exterior architecture and interior design. It’s an excellent opportunity for Tonic to demonstrate its chops in creating beautiful photos of beautiful locations.

Statue of Atlas supporting the heavens at Rockefeller Center
An icon of New York City

The Soho photo shoot just wrapped up and Patrick is working on editing the images now. We’ll be bringing you highlights from each leg of the road trip, but just to whet your appetite we’ve included one quintessentially New York image Patrick grabbed while he was in the city. Granted, it’s not a part of the ILORI store shoot, but Patrick’s an architecture photographer. Did you really think he wasn’t going to get a few images of New York’s grandeur while he was there?

Keep watching the blog for stories of Patrick’s travels!

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