tonic photo studios: “You don’t have to take our photography word for it”

tonic photo studios: “You don’t have to take our photography word for it”

We’ve been talking about many of the great projects we’ve worked on and the amazing clients we’ve worked for. We love to showcase our work, but we want to let the words of others do the talking today. You don’t have to just take our word for it. Read what other people have had to say about their experience with Patrick and the tonic photo studios team.

For client and photographer to get on the same page quickly is essential to both minimize cost and maximize studio utilization. This has been our experience. In the 10 years I have run this company our experience with tonic photo studios has been the best of the 5 studios we have used.

Derek Humphries
ACO Polymer Products

Working with Patrick Darby and the tonic staff of tonic photo studios was pure joy.  Highly energetic, intensely creative and environmentally relaxed, we consider our three day photo shoot with tonic a great success.

Patrick’s incredible focus and attention to detail resulted in a wide selection of beautiful photographs that Massage Envy will be proud to use in many of our marketing campaigns. We truly appreciated the passion and talent of  Patrick and his team.

CG Funk
Vice President, Industry Relations & Product Development
Massage Envy Franchising

If you are looking for a photography team and studio that can get it done and get it done right, then you need to talk to Patrick Darby at tonic photo studios. We have been working with Patrick and his team for the past few years and are continually impressed with the dedication they bring to each shoot, professional approach, post-production work and general follow-through. They are not only committed to getting the work done, they are committed to getting it done right.

Jason Ferrara
Vice President of Marketing
i/o Data Centers

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