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Month: May 2011

tonic photo studios and Lavidge give Massage Envy some image therapy

tonic photo studios and Lavidge give Massage Envy some image therapy

Massage Envy project documentsOne of our recent clients here at Tonic Photo Studios is Massage Envy, who came to us through our longtime partner The Lavidge Company. Why did Lavidge turn to us? Because they knew we had both the skill and the space to meet Massage Envy’s photographic needs.

The Massage Envy setIn order to get the photos we wanted, we started by building a facsimile of a Massage Envy therapy room. Remember how Patrick mentioned that running Tonic involves a lot of creative problem solving? That extends to building a massage therapy room and other smaller sets inside our 8,000 square foot facility. Fortunately, Massage Envy’s corporate specifications dictated how our therapy room should look, but it was up to us to make it happen.

Once the sets were ready to go, we brought in Massage Envy staff and a large talent pool supplied by the good people at Garth Williams Casting. Talent and staff at the Tonic facilityWe had quite a few people filling up the studio, but thanks to the skill of the Tonic staff, we were able to work through numerous settings in a short amount of time. That’s another reason Lavidge Company often turns to us: we can quickly crank out high quality content.

The end result of our work: a satisfied customer and a partner who was reminded why they turn to Tonic Photo Studios when they need great results.

Take a look at a few more behind-the-scenes photos to get a feel for how we made the Massage Envy photos happen!

Talent and Massage Envy staff on setThe therapy room set in use

Patrick shooting on setThe Tonic team

Patrick Darby, tonic photo studios creative problem solver

Patrick Darby, tonic photo studios creative problem solver

Headshot of Patrick DarbyMy name is Patrick Darby and I run Tonic Photo Studios. You’re going to be hearing more from me over the coming months here on our blog and on our Facebook page. We’re going to be ramping up our online presence and personality, and providing you with a better look into the activities of Tonic. A lot’s been going on around here and there are some exciting things on the horizon. Looking ahead, I’ll be regularly updating this blog and our Facebook page with these and other points of interest. My goal is to generate a greater sense of Tonic’s capabilities and overall personality, and to hopefully provide you with some compelling and interesting material on a regular basis.

Running Tonic requires a little bit of everything, but ultimately it all comes down to creative problem solving. I spend my days (and sometimes evenings) dedicated to that task. How can I make that pizza shot look as fresh and compelling as possible? How can I light that 50,000 square foot exterior in two hours before dawn? How can I get a shot of the light rail from the perspective of the tracks without getting run over (or arrested)?

Running Tonic is not just a job; it’s a way of thinking and a crazy, never boring way of life. I embrace each project and give each client the attention and dedication they deserve. What’s important to you is important to me. I make your project and creative challenges my own. I get the picture. Get yours at Tonic Photo Studios and discover the cure for the common image.

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