tonic photo studios getting serious about beer at SanTan Brewing Company

tonic photo studios getting serious about beer at SanTan Brewing Company

Hot on the heels of our work with Flo’s Asian Kitchen, we were called upon by local brewery SanTan Brewing Company to produce a library of product shots. The brewery needed current photos for use across their marketing and advertising channels, so the tonic studios team headed to Chandler to shoot photos and learn something about brewing along the way.

Studio Director Patrick Darby, production assistant Sara Baldwin and local stylist Ellen Straine set up a studio on location at SanTan’s pub and brewery. During the course of one intense day of shooting, they captured over 100 product shots covering SanTan’s entire line of brews. We’ve included just a few below, but look for many, many more to appear on SanTan’s website and marketing materials.

Spending the day at SanTan was an all-around fun time and we learned a few things about the brewing industry from brewmaster Anthony Canecchia. He’s very passionate about craft beer and is constantly looking for ways to move the industry forward. For instance, he was an early adopter of can packaging for craft beers and is always looking for new ways to pair his brews with dishes created by Dennis Martinez, SanTan’s executive chef. Anthony taught us that in brewing, just like with diamonds, color and clarity are signs of quality. In fact, he’s so in tune with his brews that he needs only a glance to tell if a beer has been brewed to his exacting standards. Head over to SanTan’s website to read about their beers and check out Anthony’s blog for more fascinating brewing details!

While the beer photography is wrapped up, we expect to return to do styled food shots, architectural photography and some lifestyle images for SanTan in the near future. Keep watching for updates when we go back and in the meantime, head over to SanTan to see (and drink) their beer!

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