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Month: August 2011

Inspiration at The Icehouse with tonic photo studios

Inspiration at The Icehouse with tonic photo studios

Here at tonic photo studios, we often get a chance to work on interesting projects. We’ve turned our attention to a new project partnering with TASER International and The Icehouse, a local art, performance and photography space located in downtown Phoenix.

Patrick is especially excited to shoot at The Icehouse, as it’s a very interesting venue from a photographer’s perspective. As the name suggests, it began operation as an icehouse over 100 years ago, producing ice to be used for keeping produce cold while being transported by rail. It has since been used for various purposes and over the past two decades has been a center for art exhibition and experimentation.

Amongst Phoenix architecture, the building is a rare gem. Very few buildings remain from the early 20th century, and fewer still have stood unaltered since their construction. The Icehouse is in that elite category. It has the feeling of a time capsule, unchanged since it was erected in 1910.

The texture of the concrete walls provide fantastic backdrops for photos and the windows add soft, natural light to the scene. The building is a unique space which offers inspiration to photographers who shoot there.

Patrick visited The Icehouse recently for scouting purposes and shot several photos. Their quiet simplicity speaks for itself.

If you’d like to know more about The Icehouse, connect with them via their Facebook page or on their website at