tonic photo studios to shoot Betty’s Nosh: mushrooms and more

tonic photo studios to shoot Betty’s Nosh: mushrooms and more

Our work with great local restaurants rolls on! In July we showed off some of the work we did with SanTan Brewing Company and Flo’s Asian Kitchen. In late August, we added another great local restaurant to our client list: Betty’s Nosh in Glendale.

Betty’s Nosh is a new mushroom bar which opened in early May. You’re probably thinking “Mushroom bar? What’s that?” Well, the mushroom bar is just what it sounds like. Think sushi bar, but with stuffed mushrooms instead of sashimi. Guests can order customized stuffed mushrooms and watch them being prepared while sitting at the bar.

In addition to the mushroom bar, Betty’s Nosh offers up a feel similar to a laid-back wine bar. The wine and drink selections are extensive. Executive Chef Ray Romero serves great entrées and tapas, but Betty’s adds a few extra touches which most wine bars don’t. For starters, they have Pasty Chef Erica Bahnak on staff to create delicious pastries. In addition, Betty’s does mornings, not just afternoons and evenings. They have a morning coffee bar and on Sundays, Chef Romero puts together an extraordinary omelet bar.

Having established themselves over the summer, Betty’s Nosh wanted to bring their website and marketing materials up to level on par with their food. They called upon Patrick Darby at tonic photo studios to come in to the restaurant and capture a range of photos covering the food and the space itself. Food stylist Ellen Straine joined him for the one-day shoot and by then end, they left with a host of great images.

We want to show off a few samples from the shoot, so take a look at what Betty’s has to offer. Naturally, we included a mushroom shot!

Look for these images and many more to appear soon on Betty’s website and printed material, and head on up to north Glendale Arizona to see what Betty’s Nosh is cooking up.

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