tonic on location and in the studio with TASER International

tonic on location and in the studio with TASER International

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you know that we have a wide range of clients here at tonic photo studios. We’ve photographed food for Flo’s, architecture in downtown Phoenix and a train for the Grand Canyon Railway. One of our longtime clients is TASER International, maker of electronic control devices used by individuals and law enforcement organizations around the world. TASER is headquartered here in Phoenix and they called up Studio Director and Photographer Patrick Darby and the tonic team to photograph Shockwave, a new perimeter control product.

TASER’s primary goal was to create updated images of Shockwave and other products for use in marketing materials. We chose to use two settings for photographing the range of images TASER needed. To capture Shockwave in a realistic setting, we coordinated a photoshoot on location at The Icehouse and followed that up with a session in our studio.

The location shoot involved several players including Patrick, TASER and a local SWAT team. The day was warm and the SWAT team spent nearly seven hours in their gear, but the shoot was successful. Take a look below at few of the images we captured. We appreciate the efforts of the SWAT team and The Icehouse in making the location shoot happen!

Shockwave on location
SWAT team on location

We also brought Shockwave and other products into the studio so we could capture precisely staged photos. Having the products in studio presented far fewer logistical challenges, as Patrick has all of his equipment available to him. You can see some highlights from the studio work below.

Shockwave set up in the studio
Shockwave with remote trigger

Take a look at TASER’s Shockwave page and keep an eye out for the new images to arrive there soon! Also, visit TASER’s Facebook page and have a look at the photos they posted from the The Icehouse shoot.

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