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Month: October 2011

tonic photo studios welcomes Mitzie Rakich back to the team

tonic photo studios welcomes Mitzie Rakich back to the team

Once upon a time, we had a really great commercial photography rep named Mitzie Rakich. OK, maybe 2004 to 2008 isn’t exactly “once upon a time”, but Mitzie did work here and then left to pursue new opportunities. The good news is that Mitzie is returning to her tonic photography roots, better and stronger than before! In the three years since Mitzie was last with us, she’s continued to develop her marketing and business development skills. She was instrumental in helping the business to grow during her first stint here and Patrick is really looking forward to working with her to bring in new accounts and do great things once again.

Photo of Mitzie RakichSo who is this awesomeness named Mitzie? She’s a Phoenix native and ASU grad with a degree in Design Studies Management. She loves downtown Phoenix and likes to keep it local. So do we, which might be why she fits in well here at tonic. Mitzie can often be found out on the town exploring many fabulous restaurants and going to shows, or checking out a landscaping nursery for relaxation.

Mitzie has many fond memories of good times at tonic when she previously worked here and she’s looking forward to making more. She especially enjoyed the overflow food goodies after cuisine shoots and finding her face Photoshopped onto Sesame Street characters (what can we say, we think she makes a great Muppet).  Above all, she loved working with all of the cool clients and agencies who make our business thrive.

We’re sure she’s ready to make great things happen and we’re excited to have her with us once again. Welcome back, Mitzie!