tonic photo studios partners with IO Data Centers to produce epic imagery

tonic photo studios partners with IO Data Centers to produce epic imagery

tonic studios has been busy working with IO Data Centers for in excess of 5 years now and has had the pleasure of watching them grow to the forefront of their industry. IO Data‘s Always ON IO Anywhere modular technology allows for an incredibly efficient and secure Data Center infrastructure with maximum flexibility for growth in both scale and technology.

We’ve watched IO grow from a relatively small scale Data Center operation in Scottsdale to a massive provider with facilities in both Phoenix, Scottsdale, New Jersey and plans for more down the road.

Being inside one of the DC’s is truly other-worldly. Powerful technology fills multiple football field scaled spaces in a secure and controlled setting that varies in temperature no more than a fraction of a degree.

Sensors detect any abnormality and systems back up systems to insure there is never a disruption to the services the centers provide. In short, it’s seriously cool!

So where do we come in?  Well, we’ve pretty much shot every aspect of the facility inside and out and most recently (over the past 4 months or so) have worked closely with the marketing team to develop a unique style and approach for presenting IO’s visual content.

I would describe the approach for the imagery to be bright and airy while also bold in it’s depiction of surfaces, tones and textures.  We were really going for a look that would highlight the interest within each space and present a sense of epic scale and high technology.

Check out IO’s website and keep an eye on IO as they continue to forge ahead in the industry.

Patrick Darby

Founder/ Photographer

tonic photo studios

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