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Month: February 2013

Arizona Photographer Patrick Darby takes us behind the scenes on recent tonic architecture, lifestyle, conceptual, food and drink photo shoots

Arizona Photographer Patrick Darby takes us behind the scenes on recent tonic architecture, lifestyle, conceptual, food and drink photo shoots

In usual fashion, it’s been a busy end to the year and 2013 start for us and we’ve finally had an opportunity to put together a little summary of the interesting projects we’ve been working on over the past few months. We thought it would be kind of fun to speak a little about the projects and also show behind the scenes images with the final piece. Let us know what you think and as always, thanks for reading and following the tonic studio blog!

In late 2012, one of our industrial clients needed an updated architectural beauty shot of their facility. One chilly Casa Grande night in mid December we used the build up, one light method, which yielded a final image consisting of about 30 separate layers. It’s the most effective way to fully light and approach a large architectural structure. The behind the scenes shot shows our van location “studio” and a two camera set-up (one for backup).

tonic photo studios architecture ACO_Exterior

Another fun project we took on recently was one from a local agency for an Idaho Spuds truck wrap. I really enjoyed this project particularly due to its both creative and somewhat technically challenging nature. The concept dictated that we produce an image that presented the product featured in front of a field of potatoes with a landscape contextual potato field background. The final execution consisted of real packaging, potatoes and a printed background that we had R and R Images large format department output for the shoot. Another interesting element of this project is that the printer was asking for a ton of resolution. This of course, was perfect for us as we have an 80mp system at our disposal. The final print files where created by stitching two individual images resulting in a massive un-interpolated file. It was a perfect project for us taking advantage of both our strong technical and creative capabilities. Also, who doesn’t like potatoes?!…

Patrick Darby Product Photographer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Photographer Patrick Darby

We’ve been working with Peter Piper Pizza for a few years now and always have a blast collaborating with their creative marketing team.   In January they produced a TV spot at their Carefree Store and tonic was commissioned to capture lifestyle stills mirroring the motion footage. During this 3-day production and working along side the film crew, we were able to provide PPP with a great series of stills to update their lifestyle image library.

PPP LifeStyle BTS

PPP Lifestyle 3
PPP Lifestyle 2

Patrick Darby Shoots people and food for Peter Piper Pizza

Downtown Phoenix has realized some very exciting growth in the restaurant industry over the past couple of years and one of our clients, NYPD Pizza, recently commissioned us to photograph one of their new beers, Uptown Ale. This was an on-site project and accordingly, we had an opportunity to see the new NYPD downtown location. The space has a great open and contemporary feel to it with lots of exposed brick and warm natural wood surfaces. Check out the behind the scenes shot and the screen capture from the site showing one of the images in context.  We’re also very proud to say we’ve produced pretty much all of the food imagery on this great site.

Photographer Patrick Darby shoots food for NYPD Pizza


And of course how fitting that we shoot a lot of cocktails here at tonic. Get it, tonic = cocktails… (insert laughter!). Anyway, it’s definitely one of our favorite things to work on. Here’s a couple of behind the scenes and finals pulled from a few recent shoots. Enjoy and cheers!

Chang's BTS 2
Rum Colada

Chang Group Cocktail BTS

photgrapher Patrick Darby shoots food and beverages for pf changs