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Month: January 2014

SanTan Brewing Company series of photography from tonic photo studios

SanTan Brewing Company series of photography from tonic photo studios

We recently did a location project at SanTan Brewing Company in historic downtown Chandler, AZ that capitalized on tonic photo studios broad range of capability and versatility.

Throughout the day, we produced a series of SanTan product images, some architectural images to depict the energy and feel of the space, menu items and an employee group shot.

We had a fantastic production day and really enjoyed the energy associated with switching gears through the variety of needs for the brand.

These types of projects keep us on our toes and are always very satisfying to produce.

We’ve also enjoyed working with SanTan over the years and have had a blast witnessing their amazing growth and success. The Chandler brewery and space is great and food and craft beers are awesome as well. Check them out for a great night out!

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Happy New Year! – Highlights of 2013 and looking ahead to 2014

Happy New Year! – Highlights of 2013 and looking ahead to 2014

Its been an eventful year for tonic and accordingly, I wanted to take a minute to reflect and write up a post highlighting some events and changes that have occurred over the past year and also to make mention of some noteworthy things coming up.

Through the better part of 2013, we had the pleasure of working on a private label project for WinCo Foods. The project included a full range of private label food packaging photography from cream cheese to raisins and presented a wonderful opportunity for the studio to work with some great creative and fun people. The approach was clean and consistent and ultimately yielded what we think are a great series of images that show off the brand.

Winco Product


Another noteworthy mention from 2013 is all the great projects we had the pleasure of collaborating on with PF Chang’s. PF Chang’s is a one of tonic’s flagship clients as we provide them with  reoccurring brand reinforcing imagery and have produced work for all of their brands covering both food and lifestyle.

Moo Goo Gai Pan 3

Lemongrass Chicken Salad 2

Changs Location Girls Night Out0371

Changs Location Guys Night Out0273

Our biggest news for 2014 was the ownership change of the business and the move to Tempe to our new and improved facility.  We’re excited to be able to offer our clients a better space to create in and look forward to all the great projects ahead in the new location.

Tonic Exterior

tonic Panoramic

And finally, another very noteworthy occurrence in 2013 was the creation and launch of Patrick Darby Photography – a new brand whose focus is entirely on food. Check out the site and blog through the links below.

Patrick Darby Photography Logo-PD circled


In regards to 2014, one upcoming project worthy of mention is that of Arizona Tile’s 2014 Architecture initiative. We’ve been working with AZ Tile for several years now shooting product and architecture (featuring product in context of installation) and the initiative for 2014 is one we’re really excited about. In a nutshell, we expect to have the opportunity to photograph a wide array of spaces both commercial and residential locally and out of state and are looking forward to tackling the spaces and highlighting the products within.

Some AZ Tile architecture images from past projects below..

Master Bath

Lava House Medallion

Green Onyx Bath

CityScape 1

Amarrillo Gold Table

In summary, its been a great year at the studio and we’re really looking forward to what we can do for our clients in 2014. Thanks so much to all of those that have partnered with tonic this past year. We so appreciate your loyalty and support.

Cheers to 2014!