The sites and sounds of our new studio and city…

The sites and sounds of our new studio and city…

With the recent move into our new and improved 6,400 sq ft studio in Tempe we are all exploring and loving the sites, sounds and tastes the City of Tempe has to offer. We’re finding there is just about everything available to us from our studio front door…

IMG_8021 IMG_8028

Within the Mill Avenue Art’s District there is an explosion of new and historic restaurants, nightlife, shops, movie theaters and coffee shops.

IMG_8022 IMG_8027 IMG_8029

From art – food festivals, theater, NBL spring training, Arizona State University collegiate games… Tempe has more than enough to cheer about.


When looking for more landscape make sure to head over to Tempe Town Lake for a fireworks show or rent a kayak for the day and take in the sights on the water…it’s a perfect view of the charming 1918 Hayden Flour Mill.

IMG_8023 IMG_8024

Tempe is a city with a big heart and a great blend of history and excitement. We’re thrilled to be a part of it and welcome anyone down to the studio for a tour and lunch on Mill Ave!

Thank you!

Mitzie Rakich

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