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Some of our favorite work: some of it made for self-promotion, some of it for clients, and some of it just for fun. ALL of it creatively exciting!

Tonic Photo Studios 2016 Summer Happenings and Catch-up

Tonic Photo Studios 2016 Summer Happenings and Catch-up

Summer always seems to fly right by us with then playing catch-up on what’s new with project happenings. So without further ado here’s a great mash-up of projects we’ve throughly enjoyed being a part of – thank you all for a great summer!


PF Changs Global
Photography: Food & Beverage, Food for Global Menu Design, Social
Motion: Cinemagraphs

MENUPFC page 1-8 MENUPFC page 2-7 MENUPFC page 4-5


Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria 
Photography: Food & Beverage




Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery 

pub-exterior-beauty-shot-retouched_lr tk-pub-interior-2_lr tk-pub-interior-3_lr tk-pub-interior-4_lr tk-pub-interior-5_lr tk-pub-interior-7_lr tk-pub-interior-8_lr

Interior / Exterior Architecture: Arizona & Illinois Locations




The Arizona Biltmore, A Waldorf Astoria Collection
Portraits, Products and Interiors / Spaces




The Westin Kierland
Photography: Food & Beverage




Grand Canyon University:
Canyon 49 Grill & GCBC (Grand Canyon Beverage Company)
Photography: Food & Beverage









Project Updates and Happy Thanksgiving

Project Updates and Happy Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, today allows us to catch up on our studio blog and share some of our most recent projects we are thankful for. From all three of our dedicated brands: Patrick Darby Photography, Aperture Architectural Images and Zone 6 Productions, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Cocktail 1C_LR

Steak 1DLR

The Westin © Patrick Darby Photography





Product Client © Zone 6 Productions

Fall Fest Menu Design (Dinner)-2_LR

FallFest Menu Design (Lunch)_LR

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.03.18 PM

Z’Tejas © Patrick Darby Photography

Kona Houston 01

Kona Houston 02

Kona Houston 03

Kona Grill – Houston / Woodlands Texas © Aperture Architectural Images



AZ – Home Builder © Aperture Architectural Images

PDP Doc 1

PDP Doc 2

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.06.03 PM

RUI Seattle © Patrick Darby Photography

For The Love of Food

For The Love of Food

In our spare time…when we have it, we think a lot about food and what we can do in the studio that’s fresh, inspiring, and different. The series we created most recently, is meant to tell a story and present the beauty of food in both its raw form and as an assemblage or finished recipe.

Enjoy, and thanks to Ellen Straine for her wonderful styling.

for the love of food  for the love of food for the love food for the love of food for the love of food for the love of food

Arizona photographer Patrick Darby teams up with Taser to produce some really cool conceptual photography

Arizona photographer Patrick Darby teams up with Taser to produce some really cool conceptual photography

Over our long creative partnership with Taser we have had the opportunity to shoot some really awesome products and scenarios showcasing their engineering and innovation. Just recently we produced several shoots with them that showcased both their B2C and B2B lines of products (that’s business to consumer and business to business for those that needed a little refresher, you’re welcome).

The police officer shoots included some really cool conceptual work that incorporated Oakley sunglasses paired with their new state of the art evidence monitor system that clips right to the sunglass frame. Our goal for this shoot was to produce epic like images that fit the clients creative direction and blended seamlessly into the supplied background imagery to portray a movie poster appearance. Some elements were shot in studio and some were produced on location (ie police car). In all cases our goal was to match the lighting and overall perspective to create the cohesive blend into the existing backgrounds.

The consumer (C2 Product) shoot highlighted the personal protection and piece of mind security aspects of the brand through three scenarios that included a nurse, real estate agent, and graduating high school senior. This project included casting just the right talent and scouting for the perfect locations.  The nurse scenario (featured below) utilized both the actual existing and composited backgrounds.

We were thrilled with all the final shots and have a few of them hanging on our studio walls. We’re looking forward to the next round of shoots with the Taser team!

Mitzie Rakich / Studio Rep / tonic photo studios

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Arizona’s food, product and architecture photography studio reveals some of the stories behind the photo

Arizona’s food, product and architecture photography studio reveals some of the stories behind the photo

Arizona photographer Patrick Darby and his studio, tonic photo studios will be busy shooting for some of the best known brands and ad agencies producing stellar product, food and architecture photography on any given day. Working with these amazing local and national clients is always a pleasure. Showing the final project shots in our portfolio and on the tonic photo blog is always gratifying and a must. This current post is different as it’s about the production, space and team that goes into every shoot to create these amazing visuals.

tonic Founder and Photographer Patrick Darby not only brings talent, experience and technology onto the set, but runs a studio aligned with a team equipped to take on almost any shoot. tonic is comprised of 5,000 square feet of usable shooting space, rafters of props and backgrounds, a full kitchen with cold storage, client wifi lounge and work area.

Some of our larger production and project stories include:

  • A semi-truck being backed into the studio to unload 50 large amplifiers for a product catalog shoot.
  • 5 straight days of shooting food to include a production team of: 3 corporate chefs, an entire corporate/ client marketing team, a food stylist, prop stylist and tables upon tables of props for the shoot to be capture on two lit sets shot by Patrick and his tech assistant.
  • 3 fully constructed and propped room sets to depict: a living room, kitchen and bedroom to shoot various home scenes showcasing close to a dozen cast talent interacting within each room.
  • A vehicle shot in the studio to capture various interior product components set within the car interior.
  • 8 large luxury pool tables built and shot in the studio.

The list goes on and on… but as we all know- a picture is worth a thousand words!

Here’s a handful of our favorite behind the scenes shots from our projects this summer in studio:

Many thanks ~  Mitzie Rakich

Studio Rep/ tonic photo studios