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Mellow Mushroom Photography and Cinemagraphs

Mellow Mushroom Photography and Cinemagraphs

We recently completed a multi-day shoot with Mellow Mushroom – this was our first project with the Atlanta based team that flew out to Phoenix to shoot: 1 day on location shooting lifestyle photography followed by 2 days in studio shooting food stills and cinemagraphs.  It’s always great to be working with new clients that reach out to us from across the country. Stay tuned for more tearsheets, we’re just starting to see the project files going live and in-use. Looking forward to the next round of shooting – thank you to the Mellow Mushroom team, cheers!


Mellow Mushroom
Photography: Food & Beverage, Lifestyle, Social
Motion: Cinemagraphs






Patrick Darby Photography – A Unique and Powerful Brand Solution

Patrick Darby Photography – A Unique and Powerful Brand Solution

Having fostered and developed partnerships with dozens of national restaurant brands throughout the years, we wanted to assemble a retrospective of imagery samples from some of these projects and take the opportunity to publish the words from one of our closest partners (RUI) describing their experiences with Patrick Darby Photography…

Patrick and his team are dedicated to nothing less than the highest quality collateral deliverable… 

In a nutshell, we’re not photographers… we’re creative brand partners and solution providers for the hospitality industry. Read more about what RUI has to say about PDP and reach out with any inquiries or to discuss a future creative partnership.

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Ten Days, Nine Restaurants

Ten Days, Nine Restaurants

It’s been a very active summer for the studio with lots of travel and exciting new opportunities. That said, perhaps the most noteworthy of these opportunities was our time with Restaurants Unlimited (RUI) in Seattle and Portland. In Seattle, we shot architecture, lifestyle, and food for Palomino, Palisade, Cutters, Stanford’s, Scott’s and Stanley’s and in Portland, we produced the same for Henry’s, Portland City Grill and RUI’s newest restaurant, Prime Rib and Chocolate Cake. It goes without saying, it was a substantial undertaking to create such a large amount of content across a wide range of subject matter and over a compressed period of time. I’m very proud of my team and what we were able to accomplish and appreciative of RUI for allowing us to partner with them on this great project.

Read the full story and preview more images on the Patrick Darby Blog…

Patrick Darby Photography _ Tonic Photo Studios Cutters Styled Food 67

Patrick Darby Photography_ Palisade Sunset Exterior

A New Patrick Darby Photography Website

A New Patrick Darby Photography Website

Patrick Darby Photography’s focus is on food. We love to talk about it, eat it and shoot it. Our clients are restaurants, hospitality groups, private label packaging, grocery retailers, ad agencies and editorial publications. We have a broad network of creative resources and a comfortable well equipped studio capable of hosting large scale productions at tonic photo studios. Please check out our new and improved website that shares our love of food photography and the all encompassing elements that cater to all things food photography.

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