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New Location Concept Shoot: PF Chang’s London

New Location Concept Shoot: PF Chang’s London

PF Changs has arrived in London! We recently worked with our long time friends at PF Chang’s Global to create a new photography aesthetic for the launch. The first location in Europe, the London location photography needed to represent co-founder Philip Chiang’s love of art, music and food. Shot in studio, the images provide both a look into the menu and its creation with a very hands on story telling approach. The results are beautiful with thoughtful attention to detail. Thank you to the PFC team, all the best in London!

A very cool fact – the location’s past includes a jazz club where the Beatles famously gave The Rolling Stones one of their hit singles, I Wanna Be Your Man.

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PF Changs and Pei Wei help strengthen our core focus in food photography

PF Changs and Pei Wei help strengthen our core focus in food photography

It’s no secret that food photography is a core focus at tonic photo studios and one of the clients that strongly reinforces this focus over the past couple of years has been PF Chang’s China Bistro and Pei Wei Asian Diner. We’ve had a fantastic time working with both internal and external creative for these brands and have had a blast participating in the development of the evolving visuals in support of these. Together with a team of food and set stylists, assistants, digital techs and producers, we have worked with the client to produce imagery that has transcended from bold rich textures and tones to a lighter brighter more open and airy feel.

I wanted to publish this post to present a snapshot of this visual transcendence and creative collaboration as PF Chang’s and Pei Wei are most certainly one of tonic’s flagship partners.

Thanks to Pei Wei and PF Chang’s for the opportunity to collaborate on a great body of work to date. You’ve tapped into our core strengths and attributes both technically and creatively and have allowed us to grow and strengthen our focus in the food photography field.

Here’s to many more great shoots down the road.

Patrick Darby

Founder, tonic photo studios


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tonic photo studios new partners in arizona food photography

tonic photo studios new partners in arizona food photography

tonic photo studios continues to grow its portfolio of restaurant photography work recently adding PF Chang’s China Bistro, Kona Grill, The Tilted Kilt and a handful of other great brands to its repertoire of clientele. Food photography has been a strong focus of ours since the studio’s inception and as new restaurants emerge into the market, we’re there to help them grow their brand. Our prop department is bursting at the seams with every imaginable textile and piece of glass and dishware and our backgrounds and surfaces are ready to accommodate a broad range of style and overall look and feel.

In mid December through early January we had the pleasure of partnering with PF Chang’s on a massive project that involved shooting 60 plus menu items. This was a grass roots project where tonic had the pleasure of working with PF Chang’s art director from the ground up to create a unique and specific stylistic approach and visual vocabulary for which to present PF Chang’s imagery. In studio, with two camera systems and a great creative and production team consisting of Ellen Straine, Abby Ripes, Cathy Marshall, Sara Baldwin and Mitzie Rakich (along with a team of talented PF Chang’s Chef’s), we produced in excess of 140 unique images for the brand. It was a wonderful opportunity and we all had a blast producing the work.




Following Chang’s project, we had the pleasure of producing work for Kona Grill. While the project was not to the massive scale of PF Chang’s, it was a fantastic start to what we believe will be a great on going partnership.

From there and most recently, we packed up and headed out on location to The Tilted Kilt at Phoenix’s CityScape. Diversity is the spice of life after all and TK’s tasty Pub fare was a nice contrast to work we have produced in the past. The Pub wanted us to produce a series of images that tied the menu item to the environment with really showcasing the food in warm and approachable manner. We think we accomplished this quite successfully and as always, had a blast in the process.


Here’s to a great 2012 working with these and many other of our restaurant clientele.


Patrick Darby

Founder/ Photographer

tonic photo studios